Resto Pain

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Restopain gold is the first time in the history of Ayurveda, a product which gives you quick support in…

1. Metabolic process CNS & PNS and activate nerves muscular communication
2. Regulating blood supply in effected area, overcome the digestive issue, stimulate
Fearless natural activity.
3. Promoting healing of damaged nerves & blood vessels including all points of the body,recarvelesia blood vessels.
4. Providing nutritional support of nerves and blood vessels…

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1. Loha Bhasma.
2. Kali Mirch.
3. Aswagandha.
4. Kuchila.
5. Yograj Guggul.
6. Maha Yograj Guggul.
7. Shilajit.
8. Rasa Shindur.
9. Gaitri.
10. Chopchini.
11. Kaunch Beej.
12. Kalonji.
13. Swarna Bhng.
14. Daru-Haridra,
15. Methi Dana.
16. Sankha Bhasma.


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